Curb Appeal

To a seller of a home, curb appeal is crucial for making a positive first impression on prospective buyers. Realtors agree and statistically, 85 to 90 percent of the buying decision starts from the curb. And since property value is a huge concern for many homeowners, landscaping contractors can suggest several options that will not only add value to their client’s home but save energy and money as well—making landscaping a worthy investment.

Curb Appeal

Time is money

While it isn’t unusual to see properties sell for significantly more than the original asking price because of extraordinary landscaping; the real value of curb appeal is in the immediacy of the sale. In a market where the supply is higher than the demand, an attractive exterior can bring more prospects to your table in a shorter time frame.

Curb Appeal

The Benefits of Beautiful Landscaping

Nothing calms the mind more than the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. Sometimes the only cure to a stressful day is a quiet moment away from the source. There are many benefits of a properly executed landscape plan that include but are not limited to:

• Environmental
• Economic
• Social and Health

Environmental Benefits

It’s a known fact that plants do improve the quality of the same air we breathe. Did you know that one tree could remove around 26 pounds of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere?

Air Pollution

Trees, when properly selected, planted and well maintained, can significantly absorb sounds waves and reduce noise pollution. Also, erosion and the flow of pollutants and sediment can be reduced to nearby bodies of water when landscape buffers are planted.

Plant a Tree

Economic Benefits

The following statistics were compiled from research done by Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association:

• landscaping can increase the resale value of a property by as much as 14%
• The sale of a property can increase by as much as six weeks
• An added patio can raise property value by 12.4%
• A landscaped curb border can increase property value by 4.4% and healthy manicured hedges can add 3.6%

Financial Benifits of Landscaping

Health and Social Benefits

Much more important than the financial benefits, the landscape investment also brings with it the ability to lift the human spirit. In a work setting, like an office or store front, it can reduce stress suffered by employees that work there and may even bring job satisfaction to increase productivity and quality of work. Overall positive feelings increase, fear and anger are reduced when views of plants and beautiful landscape are possible.In inner-city neighborhoods where common areas featured more trees and grass the residents used the spaces. This use provided more opportunities for informal conversation and social interaction. It came down to neighbors building stronger relationships and bonds with one another simply because of the environment and vegetation.

Commercial Landscaping

Maximizing the Benefits

The benefits of landscaping can be maximized when certified professionals are involved in all aspects of the landscape including design, site prep, plant selection, installation and maintenance. Each phase is important to realize the full potential of any landscape project or design plan. In fact, a quality job depends on all of the above.

Professional Landscaping

Are you ready to increase the value of your property with landscaping?

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