Landscape Design Tips

The Home is the Main Focus

It is important landscaping additions never block vision of the house or front porch. You want to expose the home and have a feeling of openness just as you would with the interior. The dwelling should be the main focal point. Everything around the home should flow and tie into the structure. This will yield the “WOW” factor in any landscape design.

Blending Landscape Into The Home

Focal Points

The use of focal points is what makes a landscape design interesting. Also, points of interest throughout the property can minimize the need for many plants. Less plants = less water = less weeds = low maintenance landscape. If more plants are what you are looking for, native plants such as palms and grasses can fill an area and add a tropical scene to any property. Add a few boulders, lighting and some pathways you will turn that tropical scene into a tropical paradise garden!

Using Focal Points

Keep it simple

An overall trend that applies in all regions of the country and not just here in Florida is low-maintenance landscaping. Low maintenance options increase property value because people don’t want to deal with numerous problems right after moving in. Many don’t have the time or budget to maintain a lush garden. Xeriscaping is a method of using ground covers and native plants to fill a landscape design. Here in Florida, we have taken the xeriscape concept to a new level. Florida Friendly Landscaping also addresses the runoff and drainage issue that help keep our waterways clear of chemicals and fertilizers used in lawns. The less grass there is the better. Turf is a money pit and also can become a dumping ground for harmful chemicals and fertilizers. There are too many variables to keeping a lawn healthy for an average homeowner to bear. Even professionals can find it challenging on some properties. Reducing turf areas will also aid in keeping the maintenance low.

Keeping it Simple

Back Yard Oasis

What about the back yard? This is where the decision can be made. A back yard is more private and people spend much more time there than in the front. To plan a back yard design, one needs to think of “lifestyle”. That is what you are selling when your home goes on the market. If you have no plans to sell, consider the “Wow’s you will get at your next social gathering.

Backyard Room

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